The Garage House - simple construction with modern interiors in Tokyo

Newly Facades World moves to Tokyo, Japan, to share with all our readers once again a copy of simple house with modern interiors It is a house built in 130 square meters for a family of 4 people with two cars… we present the Casa Garaje. Do you think we start? Here we go!

Garage house - simple construction with modern interior design

In this part of the country, we will normally find constructions of the type house with built-in garage, having its habitable space in the back of it, and where the lighting and ventilation conditions are inadequate. This is how this project was born, in which the main premise is to demonstrate through this new construction the possibility of improving the living conditions of the inhabitants of this simple house with modern air.

This house has a 2 lobby floors high towards the road and 3 floors of living space in the rear. The room It has a large opening, with openable top openings, a large side light and a double sliding window. This room is mainly used as a garage, but it also improves the conditions of lighting and ventilation of living space and it gives them a greater amount of space.

By using a chandelier pendant lamp it is about perceiving the room as part of the habitable interior space. On the other hand, the roof has been designed with exposed wooden beams and the floor with joints similar to slabs. The garage, which is generally considered a negative element in the design of a small house, is expanded and designed as a lobby to improve living conditions. Trying to expand the possibilities of how residents live in this area.

Interior design of simple small house

Simple house plans in 130 square meters

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Multipurpose construction on 3600 square meters - Offices and workspaces

Today to Facades World we have reached the design of a multipurpose construction consisting of 3600 square meters of workspaces for artists. A Condo of 18 lofts, shops and restaurants, The oficinas FDA and a community space rolled into one. Are you going to miss it? Look, we're about to start… Here we go!

Modern condominium - work offices

Located in the center of "Pennsylvania Arts District Avenue", the Loft Glass It is the result of a community-oriented planning process and active participation in the development of the project, through the residents of the neighborhood, artists and companies. Rather than seeing architecture as an absolute presence, this time the driving force behind it modern condominium construction it is an incomplete idea, which makes it a very original site.

At the core of the incomplete is the common space where people can interact: the change manifests itself, the predictable user, the unexpected meeting, where the space can be interpreted and completed. East modern architectural design invites interactivity to generate in its users various experiences and connections in the field of intellectual, physical and emotional.

This is how architecture demands users to have an open mind and a full commitment of their senses and minds, since this Condo of 3600 square meters It is an imperfect and incomplete space waiting to be transformed by the people who live and using it. Very deep do not you think?

Plans for construction in 3600 square meters


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A Photographer's loft - simple and bright designs

Today a new article arrives at Facades World by the hand of Bruzkus Batek Architekten, in it we will share the design of a modern loft made especially for a couple of photographers in the city of Berlin, Germany. Fasten those seatbelts and join us on this new journey because we begin right now… Here we go!

Modern and lighted loft design

The design of this modern style loft It was created in an old hat factory in the city of Berlin. A well-lit space with concrete floors and an exposed roof structure. At the same time, the furniture has been intelligently integrated through matt surfaces. The areas of kitchen, dining room and life make up a broad unit, where all the kitchen equipment is carefully hidden from view.

La seating area private is marked by a double door. Here the concrete finishes and matte paint they are complemented with a parquet warm oak. But beyond the flooring material, here the parquet it is used as wood paneling on the bathroom wall. We hope that the rest of the images are of your liking but above all of help for possible remodeling or spare parts in your home.

Modern loft plan in 165 square meters


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Modern studio loft design - simple constructions

Welcome back to Facades World, one of the most visited and busiest websites in the field of architecture and interior design. On the day of the date we are going to share the design of a modern studio loft located in Valencia, Spain. Don't miss out on this new European trip and join us because right now… We started!

Modern style loft - simple construction

The house we are analyzing today has a plot depth that requires the existence of intermediate rooms that are illuminated and ventilated by a small patio. On the other hand, the kitchen and the toilet occupy the back facade as annexed pieces, relating to each other through an old terrace that had been closed. Finally, everything is simple housing had a ceiling satin and plaster ceiling.

This is how the project was proposed as a modern loft in which the only closed piece would be the bath. In this way all the interior partitions are suppressed to generate a single space in which everything happens (we can appreciate it in the images). The fundamental work is to choose what you can and remove the unnecessary, adding only a light platform that seems to float in the middle of space and contrasts in materiality with the rest of the original construction elements.

Certain elements are preserved and brought to light, or even "reinterpreted" for another use. To enhance the envelope, in the Front and back facades the original solid brick and the lintels of the hollows, and the entire wooden entrevigado cover is cleaned and restored. The old false ceiling line is drawn with slight volumetric changes, maintaining and delimiting up to the corresponding height plaster coating of the dividing pillars.

La wooden substructure preserved becomes the limit of the space of the attic that is the bedroom, being used as part of the design of the new glass railing of the same. The narrow and small patio becomes a skylight that illuminates the heart of the house and through which the ladder that gives access to the platform.

Modern style loft floor plan


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La Casa Torre - five-story construction made of concrete

Today Facades World We present, analyze and share La Casa Torre, a Five-story construction made of concrete. An ideal example to get ideas for our home both in the interior design part and also in the architectural part. Don't miss it, follow us one more time on this new journey…!

Five-story house made of concrete

The Tower House is an experiment of living in vertical, a building of 400 m2 which is compressed into a 6.5 x 12.5 m footprint that forces the program to climb five stories instead of spreading across the ground. What despite the stacked floors, generates in the design the experience of living in a house with a diversity of spatial types throughout its section.

A concrete frame provides the skeleton of a modern five-story facadeWhile central vertical circulation It allows openings on all sides and an exterior entrance to each room. The walls surround the interior spaces, while the balconies they move around each floor to open up to new views. The Room they are treated as pockets within the larger frame, minimizing the need for air conditioning and maintaining the connection to the outside.

The Perforated windows around the wall they create an intimate experience, whose deeply protected view is found only when sitting. We will see how the design of this five-story house is based on two foundations: on the one hand to reflect a house, not a tower, and on the other hand use of verticality for a construction efficient and sensitive to climate. Each room inside the house opens from a ladder central, in the 1er and 4to floor the glass panels reveal the stair design already mentioned and they wrap it inside the rooms.

As a passive cooling element, the semi-open staircase causes air to enter the interior of the house, while ventilation in each room can be controlled by opening windows. We can appreciate how from the ground level to the 2do level, a ceramic screen it filters the light on the stairs, making it private and protecting it from rainwater.

Interior design in five-story house

Drawings, details and diagrams at 400 m2

Context plant
Floor level plant


First level floor
Second level floor
Third level floor
Fourth level floor
Fifth level floor
Diagram concept
Structure diagram
Circulation diagram
Vertical life experience diagram
Energy efficiency diagram

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La Casa Rayuela, a modern construction of wood and glass

En Facades World we move again to Asia, to Japan to be more exact, and we bring you this new post in which we will see modern one-story wood and glass house, a very peculiar construction that we will analyze below, so that without further ado we will begin and as always ... we are waiting for you on this new journey, Here we go!

One-story house built with wood and glass

As indicated by the title of this new entry, this modern construction of a floor made of wood and glass It was thought thinking about the hopscotch game, that is, a building in parts where each one has its function, a design «1 + 2 + 1 + 2 + 1», which led to a series of housing of solutions that we discuss below.

This house built on a land of 155.0 m2 it led to the following solutions ... On the one hand, the divided parts of the house are united in each shift position, thus some Waistlines (join / divide points) and also some Lagoons (spaces with a function) in the house could be achieved . In this way, a resident can relax in one of these lagoons and maintain distance from others.

On the other hand, the double position (divided parts) created a patio that would bring light and air to the interior design of the house. Finally, the double spaces in this position (divided parts) are also useful as corridors to connect individual units. Not only does this reduce the space that would have been needed for the runners, but it would also give them some opportunities to feel closer to others with ease, as it is important to measure the distance from others. Without a doubt, a modern one-story house design very peculiar… as our Asian friends have used to us.

Interior design in a modern flat house

One-story house plans on a plot of 155 m2


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Refugio Cubica - Modern three-story houses in Colombia

With the help of Camacho Architecture Studies, he arrives today Facades World this new entry in which we will share the design of two modern houses in Paipa, Colombia. It's about two buildings located on a corner lot of approximately 314.85 m² where the built area is 116.45 m² for each home. Do not miss it, we start right now!

Modern three-story houses - industrial constructions

Then you will appreciate a modular construction that grows vertically in looking for an ideal space to meet human and environmental needs. Both housing units were designed under the same criteria: modular monolithic skeleton, context linkage, materials that respect the environment, lighting, cross ventilation, functionality and sustainable comfort. We will see how both share the parking area and barbecue.

Each module of this modern three-story house It consists of three levels. In the first we will find the main access to the house and to an independent room. When we go up we have the second level which is framed by a large window on the facade ideal to let the exterior lighting invade the interior spaces. In addition to this, a room, kitchen y dining room, accompanied by the room principal. The third level, relieves the verticality with a void towards the main space of the house, and is made up of two secondary rooms.

With regard to the three-story facade and we will be able to appreciate, the structure falls along with a series of frames that configure large windows representing the transparency and illumination of the internal spaces and the composition of color in rectangles of superboard, generating mosaics that give dynamism to the modern three-story building.

Three-story house plan with modern facade

First level
Second level
Third level
Cover plant
Front facade
Right Side Facade
Left Side Facade
Rear Facade
Longitudinal Cut
Axonometric 1
Axonometric 2
Axonometric 3
Axonometric 4

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