GENSHANG Restaurant - Ideas for a commercial premises

Today we welcome you again to Facades World, on the day of the date we will share different ideas for a commercial, so we ask you to stay very attentive to what comes next because right now we start!

Ideas to open a restaurant

El Genshang restaurant is located inside a commercial complex, its main entrance is on the first floor. its long wooden counter It serves Chinese tea during the day and cocktail at night. Behind the counter, a uneven wall relief, which gives a different expression according to natural light.

El dining room main has 4,8 meters in height with exposed ceiling. The tables and chairs were designed based on a round cake that can be used for a party or exhibition for an event.

El living room with vaulted ceiling it is in the deepest place. With Folding doors, adapts to activities such as meetings, events and private parties. Let's see the rest of the images ...

Plans for commercial premises

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Vertical garden: How to have one at home?

We welcome you once again to Facades World. Today we have thought that it would be a great idea to share with all our readers how to have a vertical garden at home, so if you're interested don't move from the screen because we're starting right now.

Having a vertical garden at home will fill you with freshness and nature, as well as giving you health and good energy. Who doesn't fall in love with a vertical garden just seeing it?, beyond how beautiful they may be, they generate a lot of doubt about their construction and care. That is why in this article we will touch on some of these topics in order to clear your doubts.

Vertical garden, solve your doubts

What is a vertical garden?

Just like its given name, a vertical garden it is a plantation of different types of bushes on a vertical surface. Its objective, or at least one of them, is to optimize the space that we have available in our home, which usually does not have areas designed for a traditional or floor space. This is the best option for those who have a deep love for nature and do not have much space to have plants.

They are so versatile that they can be installed almost anywhere, from the city itself to the walls of a living room. In recent years they have become so popular that many social settings such as shopping centers have this type of decorative gardens.

Doubts about vertical gardens and green walls

Why have a vertical garden at home?

Vertical gardens offer us a much more natural and sophisticated decorative alternative. Also, depending on the species, you will get them to clean the air and provide extra oxygen. Thanks to its natural benefits, you will also obtain cooler and more humid rooms, ideal if we are talking about cities with high temperatures.

According to scientific articles, grounds They have very positive effects on health. For this reason, there are places like the Clairvaux Hospice in which these types of spaces are cared for because the sight of flowers and plants invigorates patients. This means that, by having a garden at home, even if it is vertical, you will obtain benefits on your physical and mental health.

What types of plants are recommended?

The number of plants to grow in vertical gardens is wide. It is ideal to choose those that help purify the air such as lilies, pothos, ferns and syngonios. If in addition to loving gardening you also like home cooking, do not hesitate to plant some aromatic plants that will be useful in your preparations. Among them, mint, basil, thyme and oregano.

However, as a general recommendation, it is necessary to know all the characteristics of the desired species, as well as their needs regarding irrigation, growth and fertilizer, among others. This is important because of the position of the garden, Being vertical, they are not suitable for bushes that need constant watering., unless you have the option of installing an automatic system that optimizes the liquid.

And at home… How can I make a vertical garden?

Create your own vertical garden

Some people wonder if they can create a vertical garden at home. The answer is yes, this is a project that looks complex, but is easily done. Doing it yourself can be much cheaper than hiring a specialist in it. So if you have clear notions of gardening, take advantage of them. Try to see some illustrative videos of the step by step on the internet, they will surely be very useful.

Is your maintenance very complete?

The maintenance of vertical gardens It will largely depend on what you want to look like. If you want the plants to always be pruned, you must be very consistent with this task. By having different species on your green wall, it may happen that some stand out faster than others. In that case, it will be necessary to make regular cuts to maintain harmony in terms of length.

On the other hand, we find that there are some plants that require more care than others, so this is something to consider when you are making the choice. The ideal is to opt for low-maintenance ones and thus have a gleaming garden for longer., without the need to invest more time than desired.

The irrigation system is important to maintain the health of your plant wall, so make sure you provide them with this resource. Some people opt for a hydroponic system to provide water constantly. Of course, it must be said that this process is quite expensive.

How much can a vertical garden cost us?

The cost of creating and maintaining this type of garden depends on the size of the wall, whether you hire a professional or do it yourself, the origin and type of species and the irrigation system you prefer. Options range from very cheap to very expensive. So, if for a long time you have wanted to have a green wall in your house, the time has come to make it a reality. You can start by conditioning a small space and to the extent that you take practice and learn more about its care, expand it.

Show us how your vertical garden turned out! 🙂

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6 building flats ideal for offices or residential, simple minimalist interiors and a modern glass facade

Welcome back to Facades World, the day of the date we are going to offer you a new entry on our website. We are aware that in our architectural community, sometimes, it is necessary to supply them with something different, that is why we think that this article will be of great help and will not only solve some doubts but also display your imagination widely.

This modern vertical work located in Hoheluftchaussee, Hamburg, Germany, was created in 2015 on a plot of 2123.0 m2. The façade of this 6-story apartment building is made up of a double habitable skin, this is due to excessive traffic noise.

                                              Main facade

The fully glazed street facade is divided into segments to reflect the shape of each unit. These individual glass plates are tilted in various directions and covered with a film that varies in brightness, resulting in an ever-changing rhythm of colors, lights, and reflection.

Interior design

This condo composed of rental units and commercial premises is located on one of Hamburg's main arteries leading to the city center. The building is made up of a central nucleus with a circulation of nine apartments. Each floor contains two apartments, except for the top floor: there is an apartment with a large terrace.

The counter façade is oriented to the south overlooking the inner courtyard, thus avoiding the busy street on the opposite side. Each apartment has a south-facing balcony as well as a north-facing loggia.


Each floor of this work was created open and clean. The bedrooms are oriented towards the streets while the living room and kitchen open to the south side of the patio. This first floor was intended as an open office unit with a rooftop terrace.

Building plans of 6 flats


                                                                    Floor plant

                                                          Axonometry - air circulation diagram

                                                                   Site plan

We hope that this new method of delivery will be of great help for future work or remodeling within the field. Keep in mind that we will eventually offer more works of this magnitude as well as continue with more facades of houses as Facades World usually offers.

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Three-storey apartment with a modern facade, we present its interior design and plans

Welcome back to Facades World, on the day of the date we will present the construction of a three-story apartment in the Province of Córdoba, Argentina. A modern project of the year 2016 by the architects Constantino Trebucq, Josefina Trebucq, Milagros Sirena and Mateo Del Boca, who were able to carry out a large construction on a small plot that not only gives comfort to its inhabitants, but also combines perfectly with the environment of the city.

The reduced dimensions of ground with just 5.40m front and 23m long, in the center of the city of córdoba, demanded the maximum use of the architectural program, to achieve a vanguard building type housing.

                                    Modern facade - front view



East building of 3 flats, has 6 departments of 45 m2, pb for commercial use and a terrace area, semi-public. It was decided on a free plan structural system for each of the departments, due to this, the possibility of generating flexible spaces for a mixed-use typology.

We will find a facade of modern building and very versatile, composed of sheets of micro-perforated sheet metal, folded together (you can see it in the images). The materials and colors selected, together with the enormous influx of natural light, create spaces of a particular energy and provide greater warmth to each of the homes that make up this modern construction.

                                                        View of the folding windows

                                                      Inside of the building - ground floor

Interior design of department of 3 flats

With the intention that they can appreciate everything in detail, from Facades World we will offer you the images of the interior of the department of 3 flats without being acclimated, that is, without furniture. From this point of view you can not only appreciate its clean interior space, but also the carpentry, the minimalist style that has been chosen to paint and of course those same finishes of the same style. Followed, we will see the plans of the construction in which you will be able to see the cuts and the constructive system of the building.

                                                                      Building interior

                                     Minimalist and modern interior design - kitchen diner

                                               Separation in a studio of 45m2

                                                             Large glass windows

Plans and Axonometry of the department of 3 flats

                                                                 Constructive system - Axonometrica

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